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Name: Ben Shaw
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Ben Shaw has a Masters in Government and taught government for 8 years in Texas, two years at Texas A &M and 6 years at San Antonio Community College. Ben was elected twice as Democratic County Chairman in Bexar County (1972-1976). He was also elected twice as Bexar County Tax Assessor -Collector (1977 -1982), but had to resign due to an undiagnosed illness which was finally resolved. Once he recovered from his illness, Ben Shaw obtained his second Masters Degree in Library and Information Science. He then became a technical writer and has worked in the high-tech industry in around Austin, Texas for the last 20 years. Although Ben Shaw kept informed on political issues while working as a technical writer, he limited his involvement in political campaigns to conducting issues research for progressive candidates for Congress, the Texas Legislature, District Attorney and City Council.

In 2011, he decided to leave the Democratic party because of his disgust with the Obama administration's betrayal on civil liberties issues and its promotion of war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and later Libya and now Syria. When Rocky Anderson announced his candidacy for President of the United States in late 2011, Ben began working on getting Rocky Anderson on the ballot in Texas and on creating the Justice Party of Texas as a permanent state political party that could nominate candidates for state and local offices as well as nominate and elect future Presidential nominees of the Justice party. He also served as co-ballot access coordinator for the Southern states for the national Justice party. Ben also served as State Treasurer of the Justice Party of Texas until December 2o13. Ben currently serves as a member of the State Executive Committee, and updates the Website and Facebook page for the Justice Party of Texas. He has also launched a political news site, Texas Justice News,  which  features articles and blogs about Justice issues in Texas.